About Us

What’s Unique About TeamQuest

Our ability to match client expectations every time. We conduct “know-the –candidate”, in -house interview round. Here we check candidate at various levels, right from the qualification to competencies, to mitigate the risk of any wrong hiring. This prepares the candidate and saves the time of the client too.

  • We Assemble The Right Team.

  • Exceptional Candidates

  • Proprietary Process

We Assemble The Right Team

  • Our executive recruiting consultants possess the expertise and contacts to best support our search.
  • We draw on our high-level professional networks, industry knowledge, and internal research resources to identify the right candidate.

Exceptional Candidates

We source our candidates from the premier job portals, referrals or from our own rich database, made over the years.

We present a strong slate of candidates during the search process.

We take a broad, creative approach to identify potential candidates, evaluate candidates against both what your needs are and what success looks like across your industry.

During the interview stage, we gather feedback and manage candidate expectations- serving as your trusted advisor throughout the entire recruitment process.

Proprietary Process

We use our own, trusted tools throughout the selection process

Through competency interviews

Leadership questionnaires, culture assessment

References and our deep market knowledge

We evaluate, identify and then recruit the right leaders who have the attributes your company needs